In what follows, it will sometimes be useful to remember that fractions can indicate division. For instance, 1/3can mean "one divided by three", as well as "one part out of three parts".

You know that any number, divided by itself, is just 1. You use this fact when you reduce fractions. Here's how you would reduce 4/8:

Any of these formats is fine. The last two are probably simplest for your handwritten homework; the first one is easier for typesetting.

If you have a regular (scientific, business, etc.) calculator that can handle fractions, then you can enter the fraction and then hit the "equals" button to get the reduced fraction. If you have a graphing calculator with a fraction command, then you can enter the fraction as a division (because 4/8 means "four divided by eight"), and then convert to fraction form. Check your manual. If your calculator can't handle fractions, or if the denominator is too large for the calculator to handle, here's how you do the reduction by hand.

Reduce 2940/3150 to simplest form.

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