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Geometry is the mathematical study of shapes, planes, lines, and relative position of figures in space.[1] Geometry, in addition to algebra and calculus, are paramount in the study of architecture and physics.


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Types of Geometry

There is a wide range of topics in the field of Geometry. Different topics include symmetry, which involves to splitting of a figure into a "mirror" image. There is also the study of polygons, which are two-dimensional figures composed of lines and points, all plotted on a plane. Planes from a single-dimensional plane, which only supports lines, points, rays, and vectors; two-dimensional planes, which supports polygons, the Pythagorean Theorem, Circumference, Perimeter, and area; and Three-dimensional planes, which involves polyhedrons, volume, and surface area. Each earea of study has it's own special set of theorems, all founded in the feild of Mathematical study by the ancient Greeks.