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Mathway uses

Mathway allows you to answer simple or complex math problems.With Mathway, you simply type in your question, then it will show a list of different ways to solve it. 

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Mathway also has a worksheet generator. By selecting a topic, one could generate random math problems, with up to thirty problems. Topics range from Basic arithmetic and pre-algebra, to more complex topic like Finite Math, Calculus, and even Chemistry.

Mathway also features a graphing system. With it, one could graph simple to complex equations, functions, and polynomials. Be careful, though, as some equations are not supported. At all. Beware.

Also, Mathway's more interesting features is a Geometry solve. One could prove Theorems as true or false, create figures(Although there is a maximum number of items that can be place on the field).

Finally, Mathway features an interactive math glossary, as well a an example generator. The example generator can give you an idea of what exactly to put in the solver. Try testing it to see what it does. the glossary, well, it's kinda self explanatory.


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the only ad on Mathway

Mathway only has one advertisement per page.This is so it keeps the kids(or whoever you are) focusing on their work, and not the ads.The ads are actually similar to the site so if you click on it, you get something related to mathematics. 

In addition, by having a paid account(see below), one could completely ditch the adds and be able to focus.  

By starting a paid account, one could get rid of adds, and have work shown on all problems. even the most complicated problems will now be made easy, thanks to a step-by-step walk through of the problem. Just be sure select the correct solving type, or you could mess something up. Big time.

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